A post, today, about my newfound love for essential oils. I began using them about a year ago and I think it’s safe to say that I am addicted. Just a warning: this is not a cheap hobby. I envision myself living in a tent or a van down by the river with nothing but my essential oils; at least I will smell good. Magical goodness in tiny bottles is what they are.

*Many years after writing this post I want to add that I no longer use the fancy brands, Young Living or Doterra, that I was convinced are the only pure brands on the market. I now think that is rubbish and that, mostly, they are just overpriced. I use Aura Cacia, a brand that Whole Foods sells and they smell exactly the same to me. There are also a lot of small/mom and pop organic/pure EO brands out there – do your research. The big companies say that only they have the equipment needed to purify the oils properly … I’m not buyin’ it (pun intended).

Ways to use the oils:

A few drops on a body part with a carrier oil (e..g, sesame oil), or you can do an an overall massage. The practice of Ayurveda suggests a self massage every morning before or after the shower to nourish your skin and also protect it before you go into the world — I use sesame oil, and it’s nice to add an essential oil if you can. Lately, I like Lemongrass.

A drop or two of peppermint oil or lemon oil, for example, in water or tea. I just ordered tangerine. Yum. BTW, you can also bake with them; I haven’t tried that yet. A drop or two of Thieves oil in water or juice if you’re feeling run down. (Addendum years later: I learned it is not safe to ingest them; they can burn your esophagus). 

Add several drops with filtered water to a diffuser and your home will smell divine. Every home should have a diffuser. 🙂

I also use the oils in spray bottles (filtered water with several drops of the oil) to purify the air. I use the spray bottles in my yoga classes during Savasana (the final resting pose) and sometimes to purify the room beforehand. Below is a photo of the oils I have been using lately in my classes (minus the lemon: I use that one at home to clean).