Seinfeld does a funny skit about “day guy” and “night guy.” Night guy, he says, sabotages day guy. Night guy is not at all concerned with day guy’s wake up time: day guy has to get up in 5 hours; oh well.

I think this skit is hilarious because I have a day guy/night guy personality. My “day guy” wants to get everything right, accomplish all the tasks on my “to do” list, eat healthy, exercise, and get to bed early, but by the time evening rolls around day guy is a goner and night guy is ready to parteeee (I’m thinking of the line from Bridesmaids–from my favorite scene on the airplane), and by party I mostly mean staying up late to read. Okay, okay, and eating way more than my body needs (this is where my dessert addiction comes in) and, yes, sometimes drinking vino. Before I know it, it’s way past day guy’s bedtime and I know day guy will be miserable in the morning (day guy is sensitive and needs beauty sleep), but it’s too late. The damage is done. Night guy has struck again.

How to integrate the day and night guys? Where do these disparate souls meet?

Day guy is great and all, always getting stuff done, but can become rigid and serious, consumed by the mundane details, whereas night guy is all about the big picture and couldn’t care less about the tasks on the “to do” list. I think in order to honor both the night and day aspects of our personalities we have to find equal time for being responsible and for being carefree, working hard and dancing in pajamas, accomplishing tasks and doing nothing. I think night guy is akin to the loose-y goose-y right brain hemisphere and day guy is aligned with the business-like left brain.

PS. I am in night guy mode at the moment and don’t feel like doing anything but sitting on the couch with a glass of vino and my kitty cat, which I will go do now. I will do my best to keep him in check, however, so that day guy can thrive tomorrow.

This is night guy signing off.