When I was a little girl, I was in awe of the moon. I was also frightened of it. I gazed, one evening, at the luminous globe in the sky and spotted the outline of a figure inside it, confirming my suspicions.

“The man in the moon? Who told you that?” my mother laughed.

I remember feeling that she didn’t understand the weight and urgency of the subject. There was someone living inside the moon and I needed to get to the bottom of it. Was he friend or foe? Was he watching us? What were his intentions? I didn’t know how to put all of my Man in the Moon anxieties into words so I simply questioned, “He won’t hurt us?”

My childhood moon concerns may have been an early indication that I would, in my adult life, need to face and integrate fear and anxiety in order to receive and appreciate the magical and mystical qualities of life. In some Native American traditions the moon is referred to as Grandmother Moon. She has wisdom and guidance to offer us. The Moon represents our past and our habits, our instincts, emotions and needs. It is our default way of handling and responding to situations and is connected to our child-like self and memories of childhood (the Inner Child, in New Age language). The Sign and House of the Natal Chart that the moon falls in represents what comforts us, the ways in which we feel nurtured and cared for, and the relationship we have with our emotions. The Moon placement is said to symbolize our experience of our own mother (i.e., the way we were “mothered”) and the way we are drawn to mother.

Below I’ll share a description of the Natal Moon in each Sign and House of the Natal Chart. Read for BOTH your Moon Sign and House. If you know your Moon Sign and House skip to the paragraph below; if you don’t know which Sign and/or House your Natal Moon resides in, you can go to Astro.com and create a Profile. Once you have logged in click on “My Astro” and enter your birth details (birth date, time, place). Then go to “Free Horoscopes” and “Extended Chart Selection” – on the top of the page you’ll see a drop-down menu: click on your name and “Go” and then look for the Moon glyph/symbol in your Natal Chart to see which House and Sign it’s in. Those are your Natal Moon Placements.

Remember, as you’re reading the descriptions below, that this is one piece of the big picture; all of the planetary placements in your Natal Chart will temper the Moon placements in different ways, but you will undoubtedly recognize qualities of “your” Moon Sign and House as being part of your makeup.

Natal Moon in ARIES or The FIRST HOUSE:

When the Moon is in Aries or the First House, the native’s emotions and feelings are strongly connected to the self. The native may need to connect experiences to the self in order to understand or relate to them. Emotions can be passionate and strong and come in flashes, and when the native wants something he or she may be driven to get it. Those with this Moon Sign can reflect a child-like innocence that is charming and sincere, and they can be defensive if they feel criticized or hurt in any way. Lunar Aries people can be dare devils (especially when young), impatient/hasty and fighters by nature. They don’t always remember to acknowledge others’ needs and feelings; this is just not their “go to,”  which can be because their focus is on their goals or, in some cases, survival issues and therefore they don’t have the option or luxury to focus on other people’s feelings. If you think of the energy of a soldier who must be vigilant and fierce, not necessarily taking other people’s thoughts/feelings/views into account, you can get a sense of the Aries archetype. If there is a strong Aries emphasis in the overall Natal Chart, these people can be trailblazers and pioneers, forging ahead with strength and fearlessness into unchartered territory.

Aries Moon Natives will likely need and feel nourished by Action, Fast-paced Environments, Movement (they may be runners), Conquests and Contests (Aries loves/needs to win!), Taking Risks, Adventures, and Praise (i.e, anything that boosts the “self”).

When Lunar Aries/First House folks go out of balance they can become impulsive, diving into situations without thinking them through, which can of course have positive or negative results. If your Aries Moon self winds up in situations that you wished you hadn’t gotten into, you can balance this tendency to make hasty decisions with thoughtfulness, with slowing down and taking the time to do more research. My Aries South Node (the part of the Moon that represents the past/past patterns and, as some Astrologers believe, past lives) traits have often lead me into situations that I, in retrospect, wished I had thought through better, e.g., spending a lot of money on a year of a MA program that wasn’t suitable for me. I may have realized by doing research (e.g., speaking to people who had gone through the program) that it wasn’t the right one for me, saving myself a lot of time/energy and money. When those with an Aries or First House moon become unbalanced they can also become impatient, intolerant (harsh, even) and overly judgmental of others because of their tendency to not see things through other people’s eyes.

Those with an Aries or First House Moon can, as I stated above, benefit from learning to slow down and look before they leap, to gather information that will aid them in decision making, to take time each day to relax (especially if the natal chart has a lot of Fire and Cardinal placements), and to consider perspectives other than their own, especially before making a decision that involves others. Meditation is a great tool for these folks! If it is difficult to sit still, explore Pranayama (Breathing techniques that help to relax the body).

I like to give real life examples of astrology placements because I think it helps to really understand what the placement is all about. Here is an example from one of my dearest (Aries Moon) friends: I was a very daring kid. I remember loving to go on my friend’s roof, walking on a slender strip of the roof up to the top, so I could see the view from up high. In the town where I grew up there was a dam my friends and I would go to and I would hang over the side of it, holding on with one hand; it was a 100-foot drop. In college there was an ad for being in the transportation department on a movie set, and one of the requirements was that you had to know how to drive a Winnebago. I was so excited at the prospect of working on a movie that I lied about my experience. I cried as I drove the Winnebago for the first time, in the middle of Vermont, having no clue what I was doing. I will add that my Aries Moon friend learned how to drive that Winnebago well! Aries often learns to do things well by throwing themselves in (trial and error), so this also a positive trait (just sometimes need to be balanced with practicality).

Natal Moon in TAURUS or the SECOND HOUSE:

Taurus/Second House Moon natives are nourished by nature: bare feet in grass, for instance, can be very soothing. A home-cooked meal or a relaxing bath with essential oils at the end of a long day is just what the doctor ordered. Lunar Taurus/Second House need “earthy” things to feel a sense of security, such as creating things in the tangible world (e.g., one’s own business or a dependable relationship with a significant other) and having something to show for their efforts. These natives can be a great source of support and strength for friends and family, projecting a sense of calmness and steadiness. Lunar Taurus/Second House people can be very stubborn when they make a decision or come to a conclusion about something, and they will usually be slow to change their minds. They may need to watch the desire to over-indulge their senses and, instead, give themselves the things they truly need to feel nourished and supported, like a walk in nature, a hearty yet healthy meal, listening to music, connecting to the body (through yoga and dance, for example).

When Taurus/Second House Moon Natives go out of balance, they can become lethargic, lazy and over-indulgent, which leads to a feeling of heaviness (depression, even) and a sense of being weighed down by all their earthy pursuits. Because Taurus is a Fixed Sign, those with this placement (or Taurus/Second House prominent somewhere in their natal chart) can be resistant to change and can, therefore, feel a sense of stagnation or being stuck (the “heavy” quality). Movement (such as yoga, dance, hiking) is key for these people to get their energy flowing and shift their perspective. Meditation is also great for this Moon Sign for the reason that it can help them to detach from whatever/whomever they feel attached to and see/feel the bigger picture. A great practice for my Taurus/Second House Moon friends is to discard stuff they no longer need. They will benefit from periodically going through their belongings and making piles for donation; with each bag of stuff they drop off they will feel lighter.

I like to give real life examples of astrology placements because I think it helps to really understand what the placement is all about. I have my moon in Taurus, so here are some examples of how my Taurus Moon has shown up in my life: I grew up with my Greek Grandparents and food was an integral part of my childhood. My grandmother was an amazing cook and my grandfather had a two-story vegetable garden, which included grape leaves for the delicious dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) my grandmother made. Gardens are Taurean in nature (mother earth); I think of hands in soil. Speaking of soil, my childhood homes (there were a few) were full of plants because my mother is a plant lover. My earliest childhood home often smelled of my grandmother’s homemade apple pies baking in the oven (I rarely eat apple pie as an adult because it usually pales in comparison to my grandmother’s). As a baby I was wrapped in those soft blankets I talked about earlier (my mother is super sensitive to fabrics feeling itchy on her skin so I am sure that everything she put on my body was “itch tested”) and dressed in beautiful clothing (my mother worked for a French fashion company when I was little). I was very attached to my mother and because she worked full-time when I was young I pined away for her. Taurus/Second House Moon wants to feel stable and grounded and my mom’s schedule was busy and sometimes erratic so so she was unable to always meet me at the bus stop on time. For me, it was destabilizing (this is also due to other placements in my natal chart) and I would freeze up and cry while I waited for her. An Aries moon might have liked the challenge of walking home alone or a Gemini Moon might have been busy chatting with the other kids, but my Taurus Moon was concerned with stability and safety and had a difficult time with an inconsistent routine. Since Taurus is a Fixed Sign, it can have a hard time with change but Uranus opposing my Moon in my birth chart is all about change, so we learn over time to balance the contradictions in our Natal Chart/personality.

Natal Moon in GEMINI or The THIRD HOUSE:

With the Natal Moon in Gemini or the Third House, the native will likely feel nourished by Talking/Communicating, Books, Writing, Learning new information, Puzzles (anything that challenges the mind), Movement, Short-distance travel, Spending time in one’s neighborhood (gym, bookstore, local restaurants) and Siblings/Relatives. Lunar Gemini/Third House people may seem to be “all over the place,” always on the look out for something new and different. They may enjoy driving around (short road trips) and be in constant communication with friends and family. They like to joke around and laugh and be playful and they usually connect well with children due to their playful nature. They’re good at multi-tasking and they usually accomplish tasks in a round-about way, starting something and then quickly moving to something else and then looping back to the first thing. If there aren’t challenging aspects involving this Moon Placement these natives may get a lot accomplished in this circular way (even though it may drive their family members crazy- hehe). These are the people who are naturally good test takers and often don’t need to study as much others (i.e., their earth-moon friends) because they are continually taking in and processing information even as their attention seems to be focused elsewhere.

When Gemini Moon folks go out of balance, they can feel scattered and ungrounded due to spreading their attention and focus too thin. Too much multi-tasking can boggle the system and freeze it up. Because Gemini/Third House Moon natives enjoy communicating they can, when out of balance, expend their energy on shallow or mundane topics (e.g., gossiping), which ultimately does not nourish them. Lunar Gemini peeps will benefit from “unplugging” periodically (i.e., no phone, computer, electronics) and it’s a good idea for them (and everyone for that matter) to turn off cell phone & computer by early evening. Meditation is a great tool (although probably not easy) for our Gemini/Third House Moon friends to help them clear their minds and connect to the unseen realms/ the bigger picture, away from all the details and thoughts of the day. Yoga and any kind of body or energy work is a perfect counter to the mind-based realms of Gemini/Third House. When these people connect to their body they can connect more easily to their emotions and balance their tendency to over-think or over-analyze.

I like to give real life examples of astrology placements because I think it helps to really understand what the placement is all about. This is my memory of my childhood best friend’s older sister who has her Moon in Gemini: She was babysitting for my younger brother one day. When I got home, I noticed a note in my bedroom (on my pink, bunny pad; I still remember it) by my dollhouse. She wrote to “take note of the people in the dollhouse.” She had placed the little dolls in various rooms, putting them to work in the kitchen or lounging in the living room and one of the dolls (the one she wanted me to “take note of”) was in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet. This strikes me as a playful Gemini moon situation. 🙂

Natal Moon in CANCER and The FOURTH House:

Cancer and the Fourth House are connected to one’s physical home, Real Estate endeavors, and one’s Inner Home (which stems from childhood experiences and may be subconscious), therefore those with Natal Moon in Cancer or the Fourth House will likely feel drawn to home and family and their roots (i.e., where they came from and those who came before them). Those born with Moon in Cancer/Fourth House feel emotions fully and tend to get a “feeling” about something/have a strong intuition. They may have an affinity for antiques and old things, things that have a history.

When I think of this Moon placement I think of long summer nights, comfort foods, family gatherings. During my childhood and adolescence we had a “family picnic” every summer, when the extended family gathered at a park near my aunt’s home. There were grills for barbecuing and plenty of food to go around. This Moon placement also evokes an image of being cozy at home in my pajamas or puttering around the house in the morning with a cup of coffee in hand, tending to domestic tasks like tidying the kitchen or watering plants. As I mentioned above, Cancer and the Fourth house rule the Inner Home (our sense of security and well-being: our foundation) and our Childhood Memories or Child-Like Self, so Cancer Moon folks may feel drawn to “inner work,” like therapy, and they may feel nostalgic for their childhood homes (depending, of course, on other placements in the chart). They may be comforted by looking through old photos and journeying down memory lane. They may be drawn to projects related to their ancestors, like Family Trees.

Lunar Cancer/Fourth House folks will feel most nurtured by Family, Home, Domestic Affairs, Care-taking/Mothering, Summer nights, Being near water, Baths, Feeling/expressing emotions (in a healthy way), Comfort foods — the ones that your parents or grandparents made for you as a child. For instance, when I was a child, my grandmother made me tea with milk and honey, eggs and bacon for breakfast, chicken parmesan with fresh mozzarella and her homemade tomato sauce, homemade, crispy french fries (now I’m getting hungry!) and the most delicious, tart apple pie for dessert. I still go for these foods when I am yearning for comfort. Comfort foods are usually connected to one’s past and this Sign/House is connected to the past. I discussed my childhood home and my grandmother’s cooking in the Taurus Moon section and it’s also connected to Cancer/Fourth house (I have my South Node of the Moon in Cancer, the point of the Moon that represents our past, including past lives if you believe in that). My father’s Natal Moon was in the Sign of Cancer and he loved cooking dinner for us on his day off. He was fascinated with History and read many books about historical events; I often felt my father missed his calling as a History Professor.

When Lunar Cancer/Fourth House people go out of balance they can become overly emotional and overreact to situations that trigger old emotions. Learning to be with and express their emotions in a healthy way is a valuable practice for them. The book, The Presence Process by Michael Brown is a great tool for this. Since Moon Cancer/Fourth House folks tend to be home-bodies they can get “stuck” at home, self-isolating, and therefore feel heavy or depressed. And they can become needy or too dependent on their family and/or friends. It’s important, for this reason, for these natives to push themselves to go out sometimes, even when they are cuddled up and content at home and don’t feel like going anywhere; they will probably enjoy themselves once they get past the initial discomfort of leaving their cocoon. Along the same lines, it’s good for these people to move out of their comfort zones, taking small risks or changing up their routines from time to time, which can be as simple as driving a different route to work or stopping on the way home to watch the sun set. Moon in Cancer/Fourth House natives may benefit from pursuing their own hobbies and passions and taking some of the focus away from their families/children (and of course, as a reminder, all of these tendencies will be increased or decreased by the many other placements in the chart).

I like to give real life examples of astrology placements because I think it helps to really understand what the placement is all about. My friend with a Cancer Moon sign is, not surprisingly, in Real Estate. He buys and fixes up homes to sell. He planned to sell the house he lives in now but fell in love with it in the process of fixing it up and moved in. It’s an old home, from the early 1900’s, with a lot of history. Cancer rules the past and so he is drawn to “old” things, which this home was full of when he bought it (maybe some ghosts, too!). The couple who sold him the house were elderly and moving into a nursing home so they were unable to bring their belongings with them, which would have been discarded. My friend amended the contract that stated the house was to be sold “broom clean” and purchased it with all of their belongings in it because he didn’t want them to be thrown out. He has some of their paintings on the wall and discovered business records, letters and thousands of cancelled checks from the early 1900’s; the man who wrote the checks lived in the home prior to the couple he bought it from, who had been there for sixty years, and was the president of a Fabric and Patent company. My friend was fascinated by what he found and pieced together this man’s history. As my friend was having the house renovated he said to any spirits who may have been privy to the changes, “I hope you like what I’m doing to the house.” This is a great example of the Cancer Moon placement because it shows both my friend’s compassion (for the elderly couple who were leaving their home) and the value he places on the past (he didn’t want anything of value to be thrown out). The polarity of Cancer is Feminine, meaning that the energy of Cancer moves backward, so people with a Cancer or Fourth House Moon (or Cancer/Fourth House prominent elsewhere in their chart) tend to honor the past and traditions.

Natal Moon in LEO and The FIFTH House:

With the Moon in Leo a person will likely feel nourished by cultivating and expressing their creative gifts/talents in whatever form resonates with them. Those with a Leo Moon may also feel nourished by Romantic Gestures, Love Affairs, Parties, Play, Children (whether their own or children they spend time with), and being in charge of something/leadership. Since Leo is both authoritarian and playful in nature, they are good at holding people’s attention and they love to be the center of attention. These natives will feel nourished by taking time to play and be child-like: I am thinking of going to a park and playing on the jungle gym and feeling like a kid. Whatever creative pursuits they enjoy (poetry may be one!), taking the time to cultivate those gifts is important for these natives. Lunar Leo/Fifth House people are nourished and fulfilled by expressing themselves in any way that makes them shine and makes them feel special.

Lunar Leo/Fifth House natives also have a tendency to be, ahem, dramatic and overreact in certain situations, and especially with the Moon in this sign, there can be a tendency for emotions or anger to flare up, creating dramatic scenes. For this reason, these people benefits from practices that help them handle their emotions in more productive ways, for example having a creative outlet (i.e., if they have a creative outlet they are less likely to be dramatic for the sake of it). These people may love the theatre and may, depending on other chart placements, have a talent for acting. They may have a deep-rooted desire to be famous (seen and respected in the public eye).

Since Lunar Leo/Fifth House folks have a deep need to be seen and heard, recognized and appreciated, they need to be aware of this tendency because their desire for recognition can get in the way of true fulfillment. When they go out of balance the desire for attention is not aligned with their true needs and values; for instance, they may believe that becoming famous or well-known in their field will make them feel happy and fulfilled and then discover, when they do receive the attention they were seeking, that they don’t feel any better, any more “special” than they did before. The fulfillment and joy they seek can come from simply cultivating and sharing (in some form) their creativity, whether or not they receive any sort of fame for it. If a Leo Moon person chases fame she or he may become very unhappy, attempting to fill a bottomless void: the key is to acknowledge themselves and their gifts, to know and appreciate their own worth rather than looking for it outside of themselves. Ironically, once these people feel/know their own value they may get the recognition they were dreaming about.

I like to give real life examples of astrology placements because I think it helps to really understand what the placement is all about. I have a friend who comes across as fairly reserved, shy even (she has a Taurus Sun and Virgo Ascendent), yet on social media her Leo Moon shines through. She shares creative and “show-y” photos of herself: she was a dancer when younger and is now a yoga teacher and enjoys all sorts of body arts, like Acro Yoga and Pole Dancing. Although this is not a rare phenomenon in these social media times, I feel it’s a relevant example because there is a performance aspect to what she shares and Leo is the Performer. Another friend who has a Leo Moon loved break dancing when he was younger and when he attended a wedding would show off his break dancing moves on the dance floor. It’s interesting to note that my friend in the first example is a Taurus and my friend in the second example has Taurus Rising; this is a combination of “body” (Taurus rules the body and the senses) and performance (Leo).

Natal Moon in VIRGO and The SIXTH House:

Remember my childhood fear of the moon (at the beginning of this blog post)? My Natal Lunar House is the 6th House, Virgo’s House. The dark spots on the moon suggested to me that something was wrong and I was fixated on them, blind to the bigger picture of the beautiful, mystical moon. Virgo and Sixth House people have a tendency to focus on each tree, forgetting to step back from time to time and take in the wider forest view. Lunar Virgo and Sixth House tend to be perfectionists and, hence, are no strangers to anxiety. Since the Moon is connected to our Emotions, there is a need with this lunar placement to have structure and order (“ducks in a row”) in order to feel secure and grounded. If the focus on details becomes too extreme, people with this placement may become fixated on what is wrong (Hence, the Debbie Downer reference). When I worked in the restaurant business I had an intense (to put it politely) manager who drilled into us, every shift, that we must constantly scan our “section” for what is wrong, what is out of place (“there is always something wrong,” he reminded us each time we came to work). This is a perfect example of Virgo/Sixth House energy.

Those with a Virgo or Sixth House moon will be nourished by Routines and Structure, Service to others (Virgo is the sign of Service: I think of the Nurse archetype), Day-to-Day Work, Doing their work in their world, Staying aligned with their Heath Needs (e.g., eating the foods that nourish them and exercising daily), Furry friends (Virgo people tend to be drawn to smaller animals), Practical Pursuits and anything day-to-day that adds up to a bigger picture of Health and Well-being. It’s very important for this lunar placement to be fastidious about their daily health/wellness routines because when these natives go out of balance it can directly affect their health. For instance, during my twenties I jumped around from one unfulfilling day job to another (Sixth House rules day jobs) and could not “find” my niche/purpose. I felt so unhappy in these empty jobs that and I would get sick (e.g., stomach issues/indigestion, colds/flu). When I was working as a waitress, I had a terrible, deep cough that lasted for what felt like the whole winter. The restaurant I was working at was chaotic with very late hours and I was, therefore, neglecting my Sixth House Moon need for a stable routine and healthy daily habits (I was sometimes eating dinner at 2 am and later). I will add that the planet Uranus flavors my Sixth House Moon (meaning that it is an a challenging angle with it) and that Uranus is the planet of excitement and unpredictability, so I need to honor and balance my need for both structure and change (not easy!).

Yoga, Tai Chi and any sort of balanced, more meditative exercise is great for a Virgo or Sixth House moon because of their tendency toward perfectionism/anxiety; they need support in “letting go” of the need to do the exercise in a certain way so they can move into “being” mode. Since those with a Virgo or Sixth House Moon can become bogged down by details, which can impede their progress or feeling of forward momentum, we want to balance this tendency by bringing in the opposite energy of the bigger picture (the forest, so to speak). Tools to connect to the “bigger picture” are meditation, being outside in nature/placing hands or third eye on a tree, and anything that moves one away from the thinking mind and into the more spacious qualities of “being.”

I like to give real life examples of astrology placements because I think it helps to really understand what the placement is all about. When I was little I went, one summer, to camp at a YMCA. We were barefoot and walking on what seemed like a dirty floor to me. I was repulsed and didn’t want to put my (pure, clean) feet on this gross floor, so I was taking every step cautiously, studying the floor as I placed each foot gingerly down, trying not to subject my whole foot to the filth (thinking of it now I still find it repulsive; we could have gotten a foot fungus – says the 6th house moon gal). I remember gazing up to the camp counselors’ curious faces as they laughed and asked what exactly I was doing. Although I may never let go of my need for a clean floor, I do recognize the benefit of managing my tendency to immediately put things in their proper place (when I cook I have a habit of doing this almost compulsively) because I recognize that things need to get messy sometimes in order for us to be creative and feel our emotions and really live life.

Natal Moon in LIBRA and The SEVENTH House:

With the Moon in Libra or the Seventh House, one will likely be nourished by Relationships and have a strong need for them in order to feel balanced. Those with a Libra/Seventh House Moon will likely have a deep-seated desire to feel a sense of harmony in their environment and relationships, and may struggle at times with finding balance between giving and receiving, spending time with others and being alone, expressing emotions and doing it in an “appropriate way.” Balance is definitely a theme for Lunar Libra/Seventh House folks. They may feel nourished by Beautiful or Peaceful environments, like an art show, a fashion show, a museum, or a beautiful garden (having tea in the garden sounds Libra-ish to me). Manners and niceties define Libra and with a Libra or Seventh House moon one may need to cultivate balance between the desire to be polite and the ability to express emotions and needs.

When I think of Libra/Seventh House, I think of a book my aunt bought me when I was young about Etiquette (Table manners and Thank you note writing were two of the chapters that I can recall). When I was growing up, my aunt and mother, who are sisters, put quite a lot of emphasis on proper manners and being “lady-like.” In my mother’s home, the style was Victorian and there were painting from that era of ladies in beautiful, buttoned up dresses. I remember getting into trouble with my aunt when I was a kid for sitting in Hero’s Pose (legs folded, butt resting on the souls of my feet) at the dinner table because it was not the proper way to sit; for some reason, it was more comfortable for me than sitting on my butt with my feet touching the floor, like everyone else (maybe I was a monk in a past life). Writing thank you notes and gift wrapping were themes of my childhood. This energy can be, deceptively, repressive and maybe I feel that way because I grew up in the Pluto in Libra generation. Pluto, the planet of the subconscious, blows up the energy of the sign it is in and seeks to transform it. Is it any wonder that as a teenager I rebelled against my mother’s idea of beauty, ridding my room of anything “feminine” and wearing baggy jeans with holes in them? My poor mother must have been heart broken. She kept all my dolls and pink things that I no longer wanted. Those with their Moon in Libra/Seventh House may have, on the other hand, held onto the “feminine”/pretty things in their room due to concern for their mother’s feelings or how she might respond. (Pluto, on the other hand, is about cleaning house so that is how the Libra energy moves through me).

When Libra/Seventh House Moon is out of balance these natives can fixate on social standards and etiquette at the expense of authenticity. It’s important for Libra Moon natives to honor their needs and not always compromise themselves for the sake of “keeping the peace.” Because Lunar Libra/Seventh House folks are drawn to relationships and being around people it is a good practice for them to cultivate independence by also taking time for themselves to do things that bring them pleasure, without the needs of anyone else in mind.

I like to give real life examples of astrology placements because I think it helps to really understand what the placement is all about. My baby niece is six-months old and she has her moon in Libra and she is the sweetest little love in the world (no bias here). I can already tell that she has a sweet, harmonious and likable nature; she giggles and smiles often. She loves music and dancing and is mesmerized by a certain A Cappella group, called Pentatonix. When my sister-in-law plays their music videos my niece’s little body becomes completely still and stares, wide eyed, mouth open (and one time when I was holding her, her arms wide open, like wings), until the song is over. My sister-in-law has taken to playing their music when she has to get some cleaning done. If you recall, from the beginning of this blog post the moon represents our experience of our mother. My sister-in-law dresses my niece in adorable and stylish outfits; she already has little jeans. Libra is the sign of beauty and fashion and my sister-in-law certainly is beautiful and enjoys fashion. I can already see how mother and daughter will be great friends (Libra represents our friends); they laugh together and really enjoy each other’s company.

Natal Moon in SCORPIO and The EIGHTH House:

Scorpio/Eighth House represents the underworld or the dark side of life. When I think of this Sign/house, I think of the Eleusinian Mysteries: the myth of Persephone, the young goddess who was captured by Pluto (Hades, in the Greek version) and taken to live with him in the underworld. As the story goes, Persephone’s mother, Demeter (Goddess of the Harvest), grieved for many days and nights as she searched for her daughter with the help of Hecate. When she finally discovered what had happened to her beloved daughter she was furious at Zeus, who had played a hand in Persephone’s kidnapping, and refused to allow anything on the earth to grow and bloom; so, the earth turned to darkness until Persephone’s return. Zeus eventually agreed to return Persephone to her mother but before the two reunited Pluto made sure that his beloved Persephone ate a handful of pomegranate seeds, which ensured her permanent tie to him. Persephone was forever changed by her experience in the underworld and transformed into the Queen of the Underworld. In some versions of the story she relished her role, and this is the version of the story that resonates with me because Persephone discovered her power by embracing the darkness. The innocent maiden has another side to her just like everyone. Since Persephone is now irrevocably tied to Pluto, she spends half the year with her mother (the Spring/Summer) and half the year with her husband in the underworld (Fall/Winter), symbolizing the integration of dark and light.

Scorpio/Eighth House represent Deep transformation, Death and Rebirth, the Mysteries of life, Taboo or avoided subjects (e.g., sex, death, and taxes), Joint Resources, and Other People’s Money. The symbol often referred to to describe Scorpio is the phoenix rising from the ashes; this is because those with Scorpio or the Eighth House prominent in their natal charts have likely experienced “rock bottom,” the type of suffering that no one wants to face. When they transcend their suffering and rise again, it is from a deep internal/core strength that nothing can diminish. Persephone is also called Kore in some versions of the myth and this makes me think of our Third Chakra/the Solar Plexus: it is our Core or Power Center.

With the Natal Moon in Scorpio/Eighth House, there is intensity surrounding emotions, desires and needs. These people feel things deeply and because of this they tend to take things personally or fixate about something that someone said or did (sometimes to the point of delusion). Attachments can be very deep and strong and these natives can have trouble “letting go.” For this reason, the practice of releasing emotional baggage is important for Scorpio/Eighth Moon folks.

Lunar Scorpios are likely drawn to Esoteric Subjects (Astrology, for example!) and are natural Detectives, uncovering information and reading between the lines to pick up on subtle cues. When I think of Scorpio/Eighth House energy I think of Depth Psychology. Scorpio and Eighth House Placements have a deep understanding of the unspoken, of the way things are connected and how one thing can cause another.

Lunar Scorpio/Eighth House people are likely nourished by Intimacy, Deep and Passionate Bonds, Sharing resources, Connecting to and expressing their emotions (may be difficult for them as they tend to be private), Creating, Research, Protecting loved ones and showing Loyalty, Letting go of fear (especially fear that blocks intimacy). A Scorpio or Eighth House Moon energy can, in the lower vibration, create obsessions and distortions of reality (especially if there are challenging aspects to the Moon). They may be drawn to drama and create emotional roller coaster experiences because on some level they are seeking rebirth and transformation.

In order to balance Scorpio/Eighth Moon energy we want to bring in a “light” energy. It’s that balance of light and dark we need with this placement, as depicted in the myth of Persephone. This can be done in different ways, for example, if one enjoys Creative Writing or Journaling that is an excellent way to develop objectivity and humor around difficult life experiences. Journaling or any type of Therapy (Art Therapy or EMDR, for example) are helpful tools to gain self awareness and cultivate Self Acceptance. Yoga is supportive for this Moon Sign as it can help to shift emotions or change one’s perspective (for example, to release brooding). Grounding practices, such as a walk in nature, can be good for lunar Scorpio/Eighth House since they can get lost in their emotions and obsessions. Basically, whatever practices or creative outlets enable this Lunar placement to release stuck energy and to feel lighter are beneficial.

I like to give real life examples of astrology placements because I think it helps to really understand what the placement is all about. When my friend’s son was just a few years old she heard him talking to himself at night, before bed, on the baby monitor. She wondered what he was saying so she started listening closely and realized he was running through a check-list of how he had been wronged throughout the day, as in “Mommy said no dessert because I didn’t eat my dinner.” She was, of course, amused and also surprised. My friend and her husband grew to call it “The Airing of the Grievances.” He was holding on to things from the day, which is Scorpio-esque in nature, but perhaps he was intuitively reciting them at bedtime in order to release them. My friend, after realizing what he was doing, made an effort to ask him each day about the things that he felt happy or good about.

Natal Moon in SAGITTARIUS and The NINTH House:

When I think of Sagittarius/Ninth House energy, I think of someone who let’s her hair down and laughs easily. My childhood best friend had the best laugh: it was jolly and hearty and unexpected because she was petite. You couldn’t help but laugh when she did. I don’t know what her Moon Sign is but I would not be surprised if it is Sagittarius or Ninth House.

My brother has his Moon in Sagittarius. He is an ‘old soul’ in that you could discuss philosophical subjects with him when he was an adolescent. In his teenage years, he traveled all over the United States, driving cross-country with friends, attending concerts and partying. Sagittarius/Ninth House is known for partying and enjoying life, and this can definitely lead to excess if not balanced with Earth or practical energy.

If your Moon is in Sagittarius or the Ninth House you will likely be nourished by Celebrations and Festivities, Exploration and Adventure (taking off in your car on a whim for a road trip), Hiking and the Outdoors, Higher Learning (out of the box type of learning), Teaching (e.g., professors, yoga teachers, spiritual teachers), Philosophizing, Spirituality, Learning about other cultures (including tasting different foods), Traveling (especially, long-distance travel), International affairs/pursuits, Freedom, Wide Open Space.

When Lunar Sagittarius goes out of balance there can be a tendency toward over-doing (remember the Dave Matthews song lyrics: “I eat too much. I drink too much. I want too much.”) and a desire for freedom at the expense of everything else, causing the person to break commitments. In order to bring Lunar Sagittarius/Ninth House back into balance, one needs a dose of reality or grounding. Sagittarius is naturally enthusiastic and wants to do things in a big way so it’s wise to temper that quality with fine-tuning (e.g., attending to details) and doing one’s due diligence so that a project or venture, for instance, will be more likely to succeed. Inner work for over-doing (which can turn to addiction) might be needed. Yoga and Meditation is grounding (as it for many of the signs). Sagittarius/Ninth House Moon natives are known for their optimism and faith in life, which is a beautiful quality, however when unbalanced this can turn into a “blind faith” that needs to be rooted in reality.

I like to give real life examples of astrology placements because I think it helps to really understand what the placement is all about. My brother, who is nine years younger than me, has a Sagittarius Moon. As a child, he was adventurous and seemed to have the “no fear” gene that is characteristic of Fire Signs. I remember the day my mother and I set out to teach him how to ride his two-wheel bike. He was probably Six Years old. My mother and I looked on in amazement as he jumped on his bicycle and began riding around the driveway like he’d been doing it for years. No hesitation. It had taken me many long days of my mother holding the back of my bike as I attempted to balance (Earth Sign Moon here). I also remember my brother barging through the front door of our house with two broken and bloody front teeth due to soaring off his bicycle and careening over a jump he and his neighborhood buddies had built. This happened not once but TWICE and resulted in many dental appointments and permanent issues with his front teeth. Sagittarius is not, let’s say, overly cautious but they sure are fun. 🙂

Natal Moon in CAPRICORN and The TENTH House:

Capricorn/Tenth House natives may feel both lucky and unlucky. I am reminded of Stephen Hawking, the famous physicist who has ALS. In response to how he feels about his life and his physical limitations (he was diagnosed at the age of 21 with ALS and not expected to live much past 25) said: “Who could have asked for more?” This quote gives me chills every time I read it, and I believe it exemplifies the Capricorn/Tenth House energy well because he not only transcended his severe physical limitations but has found great peace and fulfillment in his life’s work. 

Those who have their Moon in Capricorn or the Tenth House will likely feel a deep need to accomplish something in life, to be respected and recognized for their work. Since the Moon represents the mother/maternal energy and Capricorn is known to be less expressive than some of the other Signs, having this placement may indicate that one’s mother was not overly affectionate or demonstrative. Because we integrate our mother’s mothering, the Capricorn/Tenth House Moon native may also be less expressive emotionally or have some blocks to expressing emotions. It’s not that Capricorn/Tenth House Moon people don’t feel deeply but they may have been taught from young that it’s not okay to show emotions and for this reason have learned to hold emotions in. With this placement, there may have been early rejection in one form or another. My mother has this moon placement and I know that her mother, my grandmother, had a miscarriage before she became pregnant with my mother and that baby would have been a boy. My grandfather, I believe, was distraught when he learned he would have another girl (no boys to carry on the family name) and it sounded as though my grandmother may have been deeply depressed about it. Interestingly, my mother was a “tom boy” as a child. There is often a deep need to be accepted with this Moon Sign placement and these natives tend to keep busy, constantly in “doing” mode, in order to stave off these feelings of rejection that stem from early childhood or, even, gestation.

Lunar Capricorn/Tenth House people will likely feel nourished by their Career/Life’s work (they may feel they have something to prove and career success can support/enhance their self worth), being in a position of Management or Authority (especially related to career), accomplishing Tasks thoroughly, Hard and Honest Work, feeling Accepted and Respected (of course this has to first come from within), Humor (those with Capricorn energy have a good sense of humor; it comes from a “needing to laugh or I will cry” place and so tends to be of the “dry” variety), Writing (Capricorns can enjoy writing as it helps to objectify experiences and make them lighter), Traditions, the “Tried and True,” Classic styles. The Capricorn/Tenth House energy is drawn to things that are classic, elegant in a more subdued but not “show-y” way. If your Natal Moon resides in this Sign/House you will likely feel an affinity for items of true quality (not just a fancy label) and things that have staying power; not the transient trends that are here today and gone tomorrow.

When Lunar Capricorns or Tenth House folks go out of balance they may be “all work and no play” or become so focused on the “doing” mode that they forget to relax and enjoy life; that’s why humor and writing and things that create space, so to speak, are helpful. They may also become too serious or strict, focused on rules and the way things “should” be done at the expense of freedom and creativity/open-mindedness. Lunar Capricorns/Tenth House will likely benefit from taking breaks to just “be,” whether that is curling up on the couch with a book and cup of tea, wandering in a bookstore, going on an unplanned adventure or sitting in meditation. Lunar Capricorn/Tenth House natives will also likely benefit from Journaling or Free Writing (something without structure) and doing “inner work” that helps them to feel safe expressing their emotions (EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, for example). A stroll in nature can be uplifting for Capricorns or a watching a comedy (not of the slap-stick variety). Those with natal moon in Capricorn/Tenth House will benefit from doing the “inner work” to accept themselves fully for all that they are, and then they will receive the respect in the world they are seeking.

I like to give real life examples of astrology placements because I think it helps to really understand what the placement is all about. My mother has her Moon in Capricorn and she is one of the most energetic people I know (this is partly due to a Fire Rising Sign). As you may recall from above, Capricorn is a Cardinal Sign, which means Action, and so my mother has a deep need to “do,” to keep moving and be productive. My mother seems to have a sense of duty “on the job” and because of this she always performed well at work, and her superiors were fond of her. Two examples of this stick out in my mind: When my mother was young she worked for Candid Camera (She has a Leo Ascendent and wanted to be an actor). Because she was such a “good” worker and also outgoing (Leo) they loved her and promoted her quickly; she began as the “Gal Friday,” as they called it back then, (a Secretary, basically) and then began to act in the skits. The second example is that my mother worked in a clothing shop in her 50’s. The owner of the store had a tough personality and he didn’t readily trust his employees. I remember overhearing from my cousin’s wife, who was the owner’s Assistant at the time, that they walked into the store early one morning to bring in some new items and my mother was there, before opening time, cleaning the furniture (when my mother cleans it’s no joke). He, of course, was impressed by her dedication and promoted her to Manager after that. This was at a time when my mother was going through personal upheaval and so the cleaning (i.e., the doing) probably calmed her. My mother has a sense of duty, resilience, and ethics connected to her work, which exemplifies well the Capricorn/Tenth House Moon energy.

Natal Moon in AQUARIUS and The ELEVENTH House:

Those with Natal Moon in Aquarius or Eleventh House may very well have a fear of intimacy, of messy merging with others because when you merge with others your freedom is, in one way or another, compromised. When these lunar folks are committed to a cause they are fully committed but they relish their freedom (on every level) and may not want to answer to anyone or be shaped to fit a certain role. Aquarius, unlike “by the books” Capricorn, defies traditions and norms and if someone attempts to put too many restrictions and rules on an Aquarius native he or she will likely flee like the wind.

Those with their Moon in Aquarius/Eleventh House will likely be nourished by FREEDOM, Originality and Change (they will easily become bored by routines), Movement, Fighting for their rights (Angelina Jolie’s tattoo: “Know your rights” is Aquarius-esque) and Humanitarian causes, International affairs, the Internet, anything Inventive or Innovative (finding a new way to do something), Expressing their Truth, Standing for something they believe in (a woman I know, who is an attorney, defends/fights for prisoners on death row; she surely has Aquarius prominent in her natal chart), Social Gatherings, Group Activities, Community-based Endeavors, Risk-taking and Excitement, Working toward and manifesting their big Dreams.

Aquarius/Eleventh House Moon people are energized by excitement and need to feel stimulated or will become restless. For instance, I have Uranus opposing my Moon (i.e., making an important aspect to my moon) and I need to change up my routine often so I don’t inadvertently create change in a way that is disruptive or destructive. I’m a yoga teacher and I always have a different class sequence and theme; teachers talk about re-using their sequences, which sounds wise to me but I don’t think I have ever done this; something in me (Uranus/Moon energy) needs the constant stimulation and challenge of creating something new and different.

When Lunar Aquarius/Eleventh House folks go out of balance they will seek change and stimulation to avoid something (e.g., commitment, emotions) or simply for the sake of stimulation and may create disruption in their lives that feels chaotic and unsettling to them and others. They may feel restless and “on edge” or they may rebel or create sudden change due to emotional blocks or unintegrated emotions, creating chaos and then they can, as a result, lose credibility with others. In order to balance this wild, refreshing and free-spirited Aquarius/Eleventh House energy, Lunar Aquarius/Eleventh House people need to be involved in a cause or effort that they feel inspired by; this way they can put this big energy into something they feel good about and then have the ability to relax when it’s time to relax (which they will be too restless to do otherwise). Lunar Aquarius/Eleventh House natives will benefit from yoga and martial arts and any type of body or energy work (e.g., massage, myofascial release, EFT; the more alternative the better) that gets them connected to their body. Aquarius rules the feet, and these Lunar people need “grounding” practices to balance their electric, “air” quality, which can easily turn to anxiety. Walking in nature is good for them, especially big expansive areas so they can see the sky while having their feet on the earth. Putting their hands in soil or on a tree can help to calm their energy when they are feeling imbalanced (I used to do this naturally when taking a walk; I would feel drawn to place my hands on a tree I was passing). Lunar Aquarius/Eleventh House natives may need to get in touch with their emotions, so that they know what they need; this will help them to connect to their truth, which is part of their life’s quest (esp. if there is a lot of Aquarius/Eleventh House energy in the natal chart).

I like to give real life examples of astrology placements because I think it helps to really understand what the placement is all about. My friend has her Moon in the Eleventh House and in the short time I have known her we have been Flying Trapeze-ing, Paddle-boarding, taken a road trip to a wine vineyard, gone to an Adventure Park and spent many fun nights out on the town. Moon in Aquarius people really need, as my mentor Annie Botticelli says, personal space and freedom of thought (freedom on all levels). 

Natal Moon in PISCES and The TWELFTH House:

 One of my favorites songs is Magic by Coldplay (from their album Ghost Stories). And if you were to ask me after all that we’ve been through still believe in magic … yes I do … of course I do. These lyrics remind me of my childhood and my father, who had Pisces prominent in his Natal Chart. When I was little I thought he was a magician. This an excerpt from an essay I wrote about him:

My dad rolls up his sleeve and lowers his elbow onto a table as if preparing for an arm wrestle, and with his other hand picks up a shiny quarter. I watch with wide eyes as he slides the quarter up and down the back of his forearm. He stares at his arm as if this takes great focus, great care, but despite his efforts the quarter repeatedly falls from his grip, bouncing and settling with a clank on the hard surface. He shakes his head each time, a twinkle in his eye as he picks the quarter back up and begins again. My child eyes absorb each moment. My dad is a magician. I have seen this trick many times but it never fails to fascinate me as he slowly opens his hand. Nothing falls out. The quarter has vanished.
“Where did it go?” I squeal, mystified.
“Magic,” he laughs

 Those with a Pisces/Twelfth Moon will likely feel nourished by the Ocean and being near Water, Baths, Processing and Expressing Emotions (they tend to keep their emotions hidden), Artistic endeavors (e.g., painting, film making, acting, poetry), Beauty (of a dreamy nature, like impressionistic artwork), Story-telling, Romantic gestures (these natives can be very expressive of their love and affection), Animals (they have a deep connection with beings that are vulnerable), Movies/film (getting lost in movies and stories; they may also have a talent for impersonations). Those with a Pisces/Twelfth House Moon may have a highly vivid imagination and dream life. Dreams may be highly intuitive (psychic, even). They may have a deep need/desire for blissful and beautiful experiences and connections with others, which can sometimes be a form of escapism/delusion if they are not operating with awareness. Since the Moon Sign also relates to our experience of mother, those with a Pisces Moon may have a spiritual or intuitive connection with their mother and/or a sense of abandonment by mother.
Avoidance and escapism are the demons of Pisces/Twelfth House energy.  These natives understand what it is like to be in the dark, lost in the turbulent waters of emotions or addiction. When Pisces/Twelfth House Moon people go out of balance they may turn to drugs/alcohol/over-eating or any form of addiction to escape reality/what they don’t want to feel. If they avoid life circumstances, they can feel lost at sea or, as a fellow Astrologer/Writer with Moon in Pisces put it, “get stuck in their emotions.” This theme makes me think of the Children’s book/song, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt:  
We’re goin’ on a bear hunt
We’re going to catch a big one,
I’m not scared
What a beautiful day!
Long wavy grass.
We can’t go over it.
We can’t go under it.
Oh no!
We’ve got to go through it!
Swishy swashy! Swishy swashy! Swishy swashy!We’re going on a bear hunt…
A river!
A deep cold river.
We can’t go over it.
We can’t go under it.
Oh no!
We’ve got to go through it!
Splash splosh! Splash splosh! Splash splosh! 
The song continues on like that with various obstacles that must be surmounted. Can’t go over it. Can’t go under it. Gotta go through it. This may be one of the greatest lessons for this placement.
Those with Pisces/Twelfth House Moon may benefit from “fire” energies to get them moving in a clear direction (to “go through” those obstacles). This can be in the form of rigorous exercise and core-work (I have Neptune prominent in my chart and I feel much more focused when I do core work) or, perhaps, a fiery yet compassionate friend or mentor to inspire them. Therapy and 12- step programs are, of course, necessary/beneficial if these natives are lost in addiction(s). Capricorn energy can also be very good for these people (if they don’t happen to have a lot of earth in their natal charts), in the form of tempering expectations, being more practical, setting goals, and facing/doing mundane work (that will, ideally, support their bigger visions).
I like to give real life examples of astrology placements because I think it helps to really understand what the placement is all about. My friend, who has her moon in Pisces, shared this with me: If my mother and I had gone several days without talking on the phone, I would randomly pick up the phone to call her and her phone would be busy (several times). When I reached her, it turned out her phone was busy because she was trying to call me at that exact same time. My friend with a Pisces Moon also said this of herself: I have a strong intuition and am fairly good at reading people’s moods/emotions after having a short conversation with them. I think I’m sensitive to the energy they give off. People with Moon in Pisces/Twelfth House (or Pisces Prominent anywhere in the Natal Chart) tend to be extremely sensitive/intuitive (some are psychic), readily absorbing the energy around them, and for this reason they need to create firm boundaries between themselves and others and choose wisely who they spend their time with.
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