The moon represents mother and the feminine. It’s connected to our intuition, feelings, memories, and dreams.

What are your experiences of mother? The moon in your natal chart provides insight about your mother and/or care-taker and how you experienced her (or him) … starting in the womb (aspects of the moon go even further back than that to past lives!).

My brother was nearly born in the car! It was a race to the hospital. My mom’s friend, Maryanne, relayed the story many times: she had her hand on his head, she was shouting at their driver to hurry! (Their driver was my mother’s midwife, who had apparently never asked which hospital they were going to and assumed they had more time than they did). “Hold on Matthew,” Maryanne coached my brother. After arriving at the hospital, he was born within minutes.

I, on other hand, got stuck. I was detaching from the placenta and an emergency C-section was performed. (The emergency part of my birth is also reflected in my Scorpio Ascendant.) My moon is in the sign of Taurus, an earth sign that is slow-moving, admittedly stubborn, and can easily get stuck: I’m not ready! My brother’s moon, on the other hand, is in the freedom-loving and fire sign Sagittarius: Let me out of here!

My Taurus moon also reflects the soft blankets I was wrapped in, the delicious home-cooked meals being made in Yiayia’s kitchen (where we lived when I was a child), the goodies (my mom had a sweet tooth), and my beautiful clothing (my mother worked for a French fashion company when I was young). Taurus is ruled by the sign Venus, which represents beauty and the nice things in life. My mother was also beautiful and had been an aspiring actor when young (the acting is a reflection of her Leo Ascendant).

I can’t speak, fully, to my brother’s experience but when he was young, our mother worked in real estate; those were the days of driving clients here, there, and everywhere. My brother was her driving companion when she brought customers to see homes, and she often took him to work, where he had a good time playing with her work colleagues and once drew mustaches on their faces with eyeliner (well, that was Maryanne’s doing. 🙂 Please note, Maryanne also has her moon in Sadge). It’s true that the sign of Cancer is connected to real estate, not Sadge. My mother indeed was a Cancer Sun, but Sagittarius indicates, if you recall, the need for freedom and travel (e.g., meeting new people, exploring new scenery). My mother worked in one place when I was little, but when my brother was little she was on the road, so the speak, which describes the freedom and varied experiences of Sagittarius. Plus, they drove cross-country together to visit Maryanne when she moved to Florida.

My brother and I have our moon in the same house: the 6th house, Virgo’s house. I think we both saw my mom as, ahem, particular, e.g., “Why are you using that pot to boil the spaghetti?” “Why don’t you use this one?” If you wanted to leave something out, in the kitchen, say, that you planned to use in a bit, you’d better announce it or else it would vanish to the sink or dishwasher before you could say boo (which is a term my mom used to use). Everything I did, from small to big, was nit-picked — sorry, Virgo friends, but we know you have that tendency, along with all your wonderful traits, such as being of service and hard workers.

In true Virgo/6th house fashion, my mom was always there for me when I needed her, and always willing to help a friend. When Maryann’s mother died, my mom helped with the big job of cleaning our her home. My mother was practical (Virgo/6th house all the way) and detail-oriented, and if she was doing a job she was doing it well. One of her bosses came, unannounced, into his store early one morning, before opening time, and my mom was already there cleaning the tables where the clothes were folded. He was impressed and made her the store manager.

Another interesting layer, or aspect to consider, is the composite chart, which is your natal chart joined with another’s. My mom and I had a Pisces moon in our composite chart. Pisces rules the surreal and spiritual, addiction and escapism, and it symbolizes things that are hidden and abandonment. One of my biggest fears, when I was a child, was losing my mother. I always wanted to be with her. I cried in the mornings when my grandmother woke me to get me ready for school. It was like I had amnesia; each morning I asked Yiayia, in tears, where my mom was. Poor Yiayia had to explain to a distressed little girl that mommy had left for the train and then watch me break down. Yiayia cheered me up with tea and honey, home-cooked breakfast, and braiding my hair just how I liked it, but I still felt abandoned every morning – it was, as symbolized by the moon, an ancient feeling connected to my subconscious. In the evening, I was happiest when our siamese cat was at the front door, which meant my mother would be pulling into the driveway soon (animals and their heightened senses), or when I took the trip with my grandfather to pick her up at the train station.

Pisces symbolizes heightened  intuition and even psychic abilities. My mom I shared a close (albeit difficult) and, I would say, nearly psychic bond; for example, we knew things without having to speak them. When she got very ill and eventually died, I felt like I was dying, too. That’s the Pisces connection; you feel one another’s pain.

The moon in your natal chart is a doorway to your soul and psyche; the experience of mother is intrinsically linked to our roots and all the women who came before her. If your experience of mother and the feminine principle was not a positive one, and you want to be a different kind of mother to your child, you can be the one in your family who paves the way for the future generation (and hence changes unfavorable moon aspects of the natal charts of those who come after you).

Below is a list of all the Moon signs and a brief description of your possible experience of mother (or mother figure). It’s interesting to ask siblings what their experience of their mother was like and listen to how their perceptions differ, and how that matches up with each of their moon signs. In my descriptions, I use words like “likely” and “may have” because this is one aspect of your natal chart out of many; other placements and aspects could affect the more general interpretation. As you are reading the descriptions, keep in mind that we integrate our experience of mother and the feminine, so as much as your moon sign is a reflection of mother it is also a reflection of you. *I mention the birth process as related to your moon sign; your Ascendent sign is also an indication of your debut into the world (as I noted earlier, my Scorpio Ascendent symbolizes the Emergency C-section that brought me into the world.)

If you don’t know your Moon Sign, you can get a free Natal Chart HERE.

*Please note that I wrote these descriptions in the past tense since I am, mostly, referring to your childhood memories and perceptions of mother as you grew up – for the sake of fluidity, I have kept each section mostly in the past tense.

Aries Moon: Lunar Aries likely experienced mother as active, “on the go,” a “do-er,” and, perhaps, argumentative — even volatile at times. Yours could have been a speedy or urgent birth, and it could have been a fight for survival. Mother, in your eyes, may have been courageous, proactive, impulsive and a wee-bit selfish (the sign of Aries is known for putting the self first). She may have been into fitness, yoga, or sports since Aries rules the physical body. You probably saw her as quite strong; a force to be reckoned with. Likely with an Aries moon, your experience of mother was not bland or boring. It is also likely that you argued with each other a lot. Aries is the sign of passion, so the relationship was/is, likely, a strong one – hopefully, leaning more on the passionate than combative side of things. PS. As I am writing the description for each Sign, I see that I wrote more in the following paragraphs, which is apropos because Aries likes things short and sweet. Aries energy does not have time for long-winded explanations; give an Aries person the most direct and simplified version of something or you will lose their focus and probably annoy them! It’s important for Lunar Aries to have independence and the freedom to carve out their own path.

Taurus Moon: See my description above for MY Taurus moon experience of mother. Lunar Taurus’ birth process could have been slow and there may have been an experience of being stuck. The birthing may have been in a serene or beautiful setting (not mine but when I got home that was true). As a lunar Taurean, you probably felt protected by mother (she may have been affectionate), and you could have been lavished with the finer things (for example, beautiful and soft clothing and blankets) and decadent food (this Taurus moon girl loves a blend of gourmet and fresh/healthy food). Taurus is the sign of the tangible world, so even if your mother leaned on the earthy side of Taurus (grassy picnics and nature), she likely introduced you to the world of things (especially things that please the senses) – I have to say my clothing addiction (since quelled) started with my fashionable mother. She may have been (or is) a business owner or someone who enjoyed earning money. She may have also been (or is) a gardener or had an affinity for plants. She could have also been an advocate for the environment. It’s important for Lunar Taurus to connect to what truly nourishes you (i.e., probably not sweets and overindulgence).

Gemini Moon: Lunar Gemini likely had a busy mother. Your birth could have been a bit chaotic! Or it involved movement. Maybe your mom read to you daily in the womb. Gemini is the sign of the thinking mind, communications, electronics, and short-distance travel. It is likely that all or one of these themes relates to your experience of mother. My friend has her moon in Gemini and she mentioned once that her mom was always doing a couple of things at once, like emailing/texting or perusing a magazine while having a conversation. Gemini is the multitasker of the Zodiac, so it is likely that you experienced mother as juggling a few things at once. It is also one of the signs related to children and humor, so your mom may have worked with kids (or been good with kids) and she probably enjoyed a good practical joke. As a lunar Gemini you probably love to laugh and make jokes, and this is very likely connected to your experience of mother. Your mom may have been (or is) a writer or in the field of communication, or she may simply have liked to talk (read:gab) with you, family, or friends. Gemini is a lively energy so you may have experienced mother as fun and lively, and also scattered. It’s important for lunar Geminis to communicate their thoughts and be “heard,” and to have fun.

Cancer Moon: Lunar Cancerians may have been a home birth, birthed near water, and/or with lots of family awaiting your arrival. Cancer is ruled by the moon, so the moon is “at home” here, as Astrologers like to say. This is the moon sign of deep family roots (and ancestors). You likely experienced you mother as strongly connected to her family or tribe and, likely, “home and hearth” was very important to her. She was, perhaps, a homebody. You may have seen her as “maternal,” a true care-taker, nourishing you with home-cooked meals and tending to you when you were ill. My Dad had a Cancer moon and his mom was known as the best cook in town – I can attest to that; I still long for her chicken parm. and lemon potatoes. I will say, as noted above, that this depends on other aspects of the natal chart; I have a friend who’s moon is in Cancer and he claims his mother didn’t have a maternal bone in her body (which is interesting b/c he also has his moon in Aquarius’ house, which symbolizes detachment, independence and freedom), although this same friend’s mom certainly has a nurturing side in that she feeds and cares for the neighborhood kitties. Mother of lunar Cancer could have readily expressed emotions and/or was moody. She likely was viewed as kind and compassionate and may have loved or cared for animals (like my friend’s mom, the neighborhood cat lady). It’s important for Lunar Cancers to be connected to their roots, home and some form of family or tribe, and to both give and receive emotional nourishment.

Leo Moon: Lunar Leo may have come into the world in a show-y way. Your birth could have been the talk of town, or your mom had fans awaiting your arrival. You may have seen your mother as somewhat dramatic, and she may have been a performer of some type. She was likely creative and connected well with children because of her own child-like spirit. The mother of Lunar Leos, no doubt, loved attention even if another side of her personality shied away from it, and she may have been a bit, ahem, self-centered. Leo is ruled by the sun and since the sun takes center stage, with all the planets revolving around it, you could have felt, at times, eclipsed by your mother. You also likely felt showered in her love, affection and adoration. The sign of Leo is connected to the heart, and those with Leo prominent tend to lead with their heart; you likely saw your mom as big-hearted and, possibly, brave. Leo is the sign of the leader, so your mother may have easily taken control and you probably felt protected by her. There is also an innocence about the proud lion and you may have seen that in your mom. It’s important for Lunar Leos to nurture their creativity, have an outlet for it, and share it with others – to be “seen.”

Virgo Moon: The birth process for lunar Virgos could have been a lot of hours or hard, tedious work! Mom was criticizing your process already, in the womb (sorry, I couldn’t resist). A Virgo moon birth may have been in a very clean and tidy setting (hopefully the case for most hospitals), and perhaps it was a birth without painkillers. You probably saw your mother as organized and efficient; she had a tidy desk and clearly marked calendars and to-do lists. I am laughing as I write this because, although, this would be the case for many lunar Virgos, if you recall I have my moon in Virgo’s house and my mother did not even own a desk, and there seemed to be a perpetual mountain of unopened mail on the kitchen counter; my best friend in High School remarked years later that when she thought of my childhood home, she thought of a pile of mail on the counter and my mother cleaning the kitchen floor on her hand and knees. As you can see, these descriptions can vary; cleaning on your hands and knees would conjure up Virgo, for sure. Lunar Virgos may have perceived their mothers as focusing on the minutia of minutia at the expense of the bigger picture, especially if there was a lack of Pisces (the opposite sign) or a projection of the Pisces energy onto others, which often happens with the polarities. Pisces represents the big picture while Virgo is the small stuff. Lunar Virgos’ mothers may have been called saints for their capacity to help and be there for their friends and family; they were the responsible ones and the ones you could count on (unlike their Pisces counterparts – sorry, Pisces, I love you, too, but we all know you are not the best in that area). Lunar Virgos’ mothers may have worked or been involved in the health and wellness field or been focused on diet and nutrition. It is important for Lunar Virgos to take care of their health and wellbeing in every way, from the food you eat, to the thoughts you feed yourself, and the people you surround yourself with. This is important for everyone, of course, but for moon Virgos a healthy lifestyle is connected to security and safety … this said, if you become too regimented and rigid with your routine you won’t have time or space to enjoy life (it can be a tricky balance for this placement but you can do it).

Libra Moon: The birth process of Lunar Libra. Hmm. Perhaps you were born under fashionable or high society circumstances. 🙂 It’s likely that your mother’s partner was by her side (unlike my poor mom who said my dad came to visit once in the two weeks she was at the hospital – the aforementioned emergency c-section was followed with her running a high fever). Libra is the sign of balance and relationships — both friends and foes. You may have seen your mom as a partner or friend (hopefully, not an enemy but it could have been both). You may have experienced her as beautiful, fashionable, or refined. Since Libra rules the scales of balance and the law, you could have played the role of restoring balance when things got out of hand, and she may have done her best to keep the peace within the family. Perhaps she was a lawyer, as mentioned above, or involved in the arts. Libra represents manners, pleasantries and appearances. If you have the signs Scorpio or Aquarius strong in your natal chart, you may have called her out (or wanted to) on caring more about image than the truth, or what you felt was important. Libra is also the sign of politics, so although we think of Libra as a nice and friendly sign (and like to  villainize Scorpio), it is often those subtle Libras that know exactly how to manipulate a situation or person in order to get what they want. Perhaps your Libra Moon mom was more complicated than you realized, or than she let on .. but she sure was (is) lovely. For those with a Libra Moon, connection and relationships are important; cultivating a sense of fairness and harmony in relationships (and life) allows you to feel at peace.

Scorpio Moon: Ah, lunar Scorpio. This may have been a difficult birth process. Scorpio reflects the birth process, in that it is the sign of birth and rebirth and transformation. Scorpio also rules trauma, healing, and intimacy. With the moon in Scorpio, your relationship with mom was likely complex and deep. You may have perceived her as protective and, in some cases, very attached to you. Scorpio reflects extremes so she may have run hot and cold, so to speak. Since Scorpio rules joint resources you may have been supported by her in the way of money and resources and, possibly, inheritances. Scorpio is a magical sign that is associated with esoteric subjects (like Astrology!), so she may have been a good witch (and, due to the aforementioned extremes, sometimes a not-so good one). You may have viewed her as secretive or withholding of emotions, and she probably had some good detective skills. No one could pull the wool over her eyes and she was, probably, perceptive and keenly observant. Scorpio can be viewed as intense, thorough (similarly to Virgo, Scorpio is a stickler for details), and powerful. She may have worked or been involved in the healing arts and therapy.

Sagittarius Moon: See above for my brother’s Sadge moon birth process – almost in the car! He was rearing to go and nothing was going to hold him back; they nearly didn’t make it to the hospital in time and he was born, I am pretty sure, within 15 minutes of their arrival. My mom couldn’t even sit properly in the wheelchair that was rushed out to her because his head was partially out. There was no time for painkillers, that’s for sure. Sagittarius is a bigger than life energy– full of enthusiasm and, in some cases, hot air (meaning lots of big ideas but not necessarily the follow-through – we need “earth” energy for that). Sadge births may involve spirituality or religion (my mother was very religious), foreigners, or living in a foreign country. When my brother was in the womb, my mom and I read lots of books together; every night before bed, we embarked on adventures to places like Camazotz (from a Wrinkle in Time). Sagittarius rules travel in the mind as well as actual trips, and symbolizes, as mentioned above, religion, spirituality, philosophy … the higher-minded subjects that broaden one’s horizons and open the mind. The mother of lunar Sadge may have offered wise advice and insight and had just the right thing to say at the right time. That said, there can be a preach-y side of this energy (perhaps mom was a preacher): a “do as I say, not as a do” quality, or beliefs that don’t match up with one’s actions (note: this is a less evolved manifestation, which each sign and planet have). Sadg-y people tend to take the high road and they can see from a more objective angle than most, so your mom may have been able to help you put things in perspective, to see how all the trees in the forest are connected, so to speak. I am not sure this was the case for my lunar Sadge brother, I must admit; his placement is symbolized more by the religion aspect of the sign. Our mom, dutifully, attended church most Sundays. She grew up in a tightly knit Greek community and the church was her only outlet for socializing on account of her strict and overly protective father. For my mom and her sister, church was like a second home and an integral part of their foundation. My mother dragged us to church when we were young; most of the service was in Greek, so we found it boring and Sunday school felt oppressive. Since Sagittarius is a fire sign and the moon is symbolized by water (i.e., emotions and feelings), these two energies may clash in the sense of emotional needs being met. A person with a Sadge moon could have felt emotionally abandoned in one way or another, and perhaps mother did not have naturally maternal instincts. Sagittarius reflects a free spirit, which can be seen as the opposite of domestic life, so that could be where the clash existed. In my brother’s case, our mother felt trapped for a long period of her life in a marriage that wasn’t working and that she wanted to break free of, but did not know how to. As a result, she worked a lot when my brother was young and coming of age (if you read the opening, she had changed careers at this point and was now a store manager); my brother would often come home to an empty house after school. This moon sign can point to a lack of domestic structure and security, and/or emotional needs being met. It is also likely with this placement that despite any of the aforementioned issues, one still holds positive feelings toward mother. For Lunar Sagittarius, your deepest needs are met when you have the ability to explore new territories (whether physical or mental), and a sense of freedom, expansion and wonder in your life. Sagittarius represents life-long curiosity and learning, and with moon in the sign of the Archer  it is what allows you to feel truly nourished.

Capricorn Moon: I am not going to sugarcoat it (Capricorns don’t like that, anyway); this is not an easy placement. Capricorn is the opposite of moon energy (Cancer, the sign ruled by the moon, is Capricorn’s opposite). Capricorn is hard angles, concrete buildings, big companies, and rising to the top as a result of painstakingly hard work. The moon is soft evening light, a mother’s embrace, the warmth of home/a cocoon, your favorite comfort foods. Gestation and birth were serious business with this placement, and there may have been a somberness or heaviness about it for one reason or another. My mother had a Capricorn moon. I was told that my grandmother became pregnant with her after a miscarriage; the prior pregnancy was with a boy and they had already chosen a name. Apparently, my grandfather was deeply disappointed and, as a result, my Grammy must have been stressed. I heard bits and pieces of the story, and it makes sense to me in terms of my mother’s personality. She had a deep fear of abandonment and rejection and it is what, I believe, kept in her relationships that were not good for her. She was drawn to people who were not available. At her core, she felt unworthy. Capricorn is the energy of proving one’s self over and over and not giving up in the face of failure; it is the sign of hard knocks and life obstacles. My mom’s mom was a Capricorn, so in this case my mom’s moon clearly represented the mothering energy in her life. My Grammy was kind and gentle, I am told, but she was not affectionate or demonstrative, nor did my mom and she have deeper/meaningful communication or intimate moments; there was a formality to their relationship, as I understood it. Grammy had it rough growing up and, as a result, I don’t think she was able to make an emotional connection with her children — emotions were not easily expressed or acknowledged. As a result, for my mother and for anyone with a Capricorn moon, emotions can get pushed down or “swallowed,” which is very unhealthy, from a holistic perspective, and can lead to dis-ease in the body. It is important for lunar Capricorns to find a way to connect to their emotions and have an outlet for them. On a more positive note, Capricorn is the sign of hard work, stability and reliability —  perhaps you saw your mother this way. She was likely stoic, strong in the face of challenges (depending on other chart placements as well) and there for you when you needed her (on the physical plane, at least). The mother of a lunar Capricorn might also be career-minded or an authority on a subject or field. My mom’s mom was good with numbers (a Capricorn trait) and worked for a short period as an accountant, but it was frowned upon for women/mothers to work at that time. If you have a Capricorn moon, self-care and nourishing is very important; this includes, as I noted above, allowing yourself to feel and express emotions.

Aquarius Moon: With Uranus, the co-ruling planet of Aquarius, involved there is a good chance your birth was sudden or that there was something surprising or erratic about it. Excitement is in the air with this sign. Aquarius represents a lively energy, friendship, community, freedom and broad minded and innovative pursuits (thinking outside of the box). Because Aquarius, in its best form, is focused on activist/humanitarian causes it is not an energy that naturally meshes well with the moon. The moon is about feelings and memories and Aquarius is about detaching from feelings in order to focus on a cause or calling. You may have seen your mother as somewhat aloof or distant. She was, likely, also friendly and may have had the signature Aquarius sparkle. Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet, which denotes fathers and bosses — there is a paternal or tough love theme, but the moon wants intimacy and the soft touch of a mother. Just like our Cappy moon friends, those with this placement might have felt that mother was not totally available and most likely inconsistent. Mother may have wanted and needed freedom at the cost of family life, and she my have been erratic with her care or presence, or even unstable. She may have been an advocate for the underdog or the zany professor type. Likely with this moon placement, mom was a friend and she may have been an integral part of her community. With this moon sign it is important that you have grounding and balancing tools and practices, like yoga and meditation, because you may be prone to nervousness and anxiety. It’s also important to have a sense of freedom in your life, to not to be too “boxed-in,” and to be able to do things your own way, which is a bit (or more than a bit, depending on other aspects) unconventional.

Pisces Moon: This is a dreamy, elusive, and romantic placement. With a Pisces moon, you may have been born near water or in a soothing environment and perhaps mom played music or painted when she was carrying you in the womb. There is also a chance that there was something hidden or unclear about the pregnancy or birth. Mother was likely creative and compassionate, and there may have been a fuzzy aspect about her identity or who she was to you -perhaps something that was concealed. Sometimes, a Pisces or 12th house moon mother was unavailable or not in your life. A friend who has both her sun and moon in the 12th house (Pisces’ house) lived with her brother from her young teenage years because her parents had retired and moved across the country (she is the youngest of three); she had a life that she didn’t want to leave behind when her parents were ready to move, so she opted to stay with her brother. Pisces is represented by water, depth, the psyche, music/creativity, and spirituality. There is often a  lack of solid boundaries with this sign, so you may have been emotionally enmeshed with mother in some ways. Mother could have been an artist, poet, musician, or someone who felt and cared deeply about all beings -it is a highly sensitive sign. She may have been into esoteric subjects and she was probably highly intuitive and, perhaps, in touch with the world of spirit. Pisces represents all there is beyond the mundane world; for this reason it is a beautiful and, sometimes, surreal energy, like a fairytale. With a Pisces moon, it is important for you to develop firm boundaries to protect yourself from negative energies.