When I was a kid, my dad would bring me to the store and allow me to buy as much candy as I wanted. My best friend, Aimee, and I really took advantage of my dad’s generous candy policy. We also knew where my dad’s change stash was, which he was always adding to because he worked in the restaurant business and, back then, people paid in cash. We would help ourselves to it, in support of our sweet-tooth pursuits.

If we asked my father for permission to do something, the answer was always a resounding “Yes.” I can still hear my mother gently (or not so-gently, depending on the situation) scolding my father for “letting them eat all that candy” or apologizing profusely to a friend’s mother about the inappropriate movie my father had allowed us watch (we rented The Exorcist, when we were in Elementary school). My father was an Aries Sun but he must have had the free-spirited Sagittarius stamp somewhere in his natal chart. If, in my teenage years, I went on a venting spree, my father would just smile; not in a judgmental way; it was more of an all-knowing, this-doesn’t-really-matter in the grand scheme of things sort of way.

Sagittarius represents the wide-lens view of life. The higher mind knows better than to get enmeshed in the mundane chatter that often depicts Gemini, Sagittarius’ opposite sign. Sagittarius rules opportunity, adventure, freedom, and excess (to name a few). The full moon lands in the Sign of the Archer on Saturday, June 3rd at 11:41 pm EST. 

The Full Moon, which illuminates Sagittarius while the Sun resides in Gemini (on June 3rd), may point to the need to take a look at our life situations and choices from a more objective and higher-minded perspective to assess how we might make shifts and adjustments, if we don’t love what we see. From this higher vantage point, like viewing the land below from a hot air balloon, we can see the many pieces that make up “the whole” and how they all fit together. From this angle, we get to work on any pieces that aren’t adding to the picture we want to see and create.

The upcoming Sagittarius Full Moon, although bright and positive, with the potential to open doors, is butting heads with the hard lessons of Saturn, AKA The Taskmaster. Saturn can make us feel that the road blocks are too big to surpass, or that there is no good way forward. Saturn, at the root of it, wants us to get practical about our lives, to clean up any messes we have made, and bring structure to an area where it is lacking, or where there is a loose-y goose-y attitude, like my dad’s candy rules or lack thereof.

The area of life represented by the house Saturn in Pisces is traveling in, in your Natal Chart, reveals where you may need to do work to move through the Sagittarius doors of opportunities. (If you don’t know where Saturn is gracing your life with his no-nonsense presence, you can get a Free Natal Chart on Cafe Astrology).

Saturn moved into Pisces on March 7th of this year. The archetypes of the planet Saturn and the sign Pisces are an interesting, not super compatible pair; they have very different ways of being in the world. Pisces is highly creative and intuitive, and wants to defy worldly boundaries and limits, like, say, clock time and the daily nitty gritty work of each day. Pisces is: getting lost for hours in music or a creative project; the feeling you receive when someone says something that conflicts with their facial expression or tone; the vast ocean that seems to have no end or direction; dancing with a lover under moonlight; the world where spirits live.

Enter Saturn, often called Father Time. Saturn is: clock time, concrete buildings, your boss or an authority figure, a father or father figure, climbing up a mountain, a hard-earned career path, and not giving up on your goals despite failures. Saturn is the person or part of you that is all about structure: the principle or head teacher that may sometimes go overboard on the rules. Saturn want us to get our proverbial ducks in a row, while Pisces allows the ducks to float and drift wherever they may. Although this combination can feel like two conflicting parts of ourselves, and our lives, and may be challenging to reconcile, it is a helpful transit for bringing structure to our creative and spiritual practices and endeavors, and even manifesting our dreams. Saturn brings us achievement and longterm success. Saturn in Pisces can help us to create boundaries in an area of life that needs to be brought into balance and to face reality, so to speak, so we can live the way we truly want to, or at least work toward it.

Saturn asks us to do the hard work and in a Square configuration with the Full Moon in Sagittarius (and the Sun in Gemini), it implies that there is tension between an expansive version of our lives, or what we would like to expand in our lives, and the work we must to do to get there.

Full Moons can be illuminating in both positive and difficult ways, and we are being asked to look at what our work is and how we can align with what is truly important and meaningful to us, in practical and organized ways, in order to commit to a path that will lead to growth and abundance (inner and outer), as well as the stability needed to thrive.