If you are from, or have visited, Westchester County in New York, you may have ridden on the legendary wooden roller coaster at Rye Playland, called The Dragon Coaster. My childhood best friend and I were obsessed with this high-speed and tumultuous ride. We hopped on board to “lose our stomachs” over and over, as many times as we could fit in before we ran out of tickets or our parents said “enough.”

I picture screaming with glee, barely able to breathe or see, as we careened down the rickety tracks followed by the calm, peaceful moments in between, when you had a chance to integrate the excitement before the next wild, adrenaline-filled journey … eventually, slowing all the way down, a little disappointed, a little relieved, as you returned to the place you started to exit the ride, smiling widely, woozy and unsteady.

This is a bit like where we are now as we enter Taurus season. The Aries energy of the past 12 months was sometimes wild and jarring and I don’t know about you, but I am ready to climb over the roller coaster bench seat and place my two feet on solid ground.

The New Moon in Taurus, on Friday May 19th (11:53 am EST) begins a new lunar phase cycle over the next 2.5 years, and has the potential to increase your sense of stability, security, and self-worth. Yes please.

The Sabian Symbol (these are symbols for each degree of all 12 signs) of 29 degrees Taurus is: two cobblers working at a table. You can look at this symbol in different ways; on one hand, it can feel like a tedious task you do for a living and, on the other hand, it is about perfecting a skill and craft that you derive fulfillment or satisfaction from. You may begin to refine your skills in an area of life now, and there could be an opportunity to work together with someone, which brings welcomed support and companionship in reaching your goals.

Taurus is: Bare feet in grass, a tree-lined country road, a gourmet meal, fine wine, a warm embrace, soft blankets, beautiful clothing (to name a few). It also represents business, earned income, possessions, and luxuries. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, and therefore reflects the pleasures of life. There is a tendency to over-indulge when Taurus comes on the scene, which is something to be especially aware of over the next 12 months with the bigger-than-life-energy of Jupiter newly in Taurus. Jupiter brings exuberance to the sign it visits each year, with the potential to emphasize both its positive and not-so-positive qualities.

Jupiter arrived in Taurus, bringing his suitcase full of optimism and opportunities for growth, on May 16th, and will remain there through May 25th, 2024.

It’s important now, with Jupiter in Taurus, to embody what truly nourishes you, i.e., probably not sweets, expensive clothing, or beauty procedures. This sign can trigger a tendency to try and fill a void with rich foods and desserts, which will only leave you feeling stuffed and heavy, and to attain pleasure with things or experiences that produce a short-lived high (but an even deeper low after the fact).

We derive self-worth, not by the things we own or the way we look, of course, but by what we build from the inside out … by aligning our actions with our values (i.e., what truly matters to us).

As the saying goes, “it’s an inside job.”

What genuinely nourishes you? Maybe it’s a delicious but wholesome meal, a walk in nature, or a creative project.

How do we build authentic and lasting self-esteem? It could be by creating a business based on something we are passionate about, earning income by working hard at something we care about, or advocating for the environment.

Taurus is known for it’s steady and also, ahem, stubborn nature — think of a bull digging its hooves into the earth — and Jupiter is known for expansion and adventure, so you may feel spurred to move out of your comfort zone and unglue yourself from those places you have a tendency to dig in and get stuck. Jupiter wants growth and if you can avoid going down a path of excess, Jupiter will reward with true abundance and prosperity in an area of life that may need a reboot, a restart, or a fresh perspective.

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