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Mercury & Venus in Deep Scorpio

As you know, from my last blog post Mercury was rewinding through Sagittarius, which rules faith, optimism, and the ability to see the bigger picture and opportunities. As of Saturday, December 1st, Mercury Rx has shifted into the deep Scorpio waters, and will toggle back into Sagittarius on Thursday, December 13th. Mercury Rx is a […]

Mars Retrograde

Mars is taking a long and uncharacteristic summer nap. The MARS RETROGRADE period officially began on June 26th, however you may have felt it’s impending reversal as early as May, when the “shadow” period began. In December I began a new job and moved to a new apartment, so I have been regimented with my […]

February 2018 New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

The Moon is conjunct the Sun on February 15th, at 4:05 PM EST – this is called the New Moon. This is also a Partial Solar Eclipse.   This New Moon is in the sign of Aquarius — quirky, lively, friendly, cutting edge, different/unique and, sometimes, rebellious. Aquarius people do not want to be told […]

Venus in Pisces February 2018

Venus symbolizes love, beauty, and money/earned income. It reflects how you relate to others and your environment, and also how you see yourself through another’s eyes.   When Venus moves into Pisces (the unseen realms of life; the divine) we see the world in full color. There is so much more to this vast, mysterious […]

Sun (in Aquarius) Square Jupiter (in Scorpio)

Jupiter in Scorpio is squaring the Sun in Aquarius today until February 11th. What does this mean? I will break this down into its parts and then give you an overall idea of how this energy may play out in your life. Jupiter represents a bigger than life energy; it’s jubilant, carefree, brimming with ideas […]

Ayurveda Practices for Staying in Balance

Ayurveda translates to the Wisdom of Life. I like this definition because it reflects the truth that wellness and health cannot be separated from the larger whole. Our bodies and beings are intrinsically connected to our environment, to the larger whole: what is outside of us is also within us.  Ayurveda philosophy is rooted in […]

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Retrograde Planets and Durga’s Roar

We currently have four (soon to be five) retrograde planets in the sky, through the end of May. To take a step back, Retrograde refers to the appearance of a planet, from Earth, to be moving backward in its orbit. It is said by Astrologers that the illusion of the backward motion turns the energy […]