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What Does it Really Mean to “Let it Go”?

I cringe at the phrase “let it go.” Not because it doesn’t hold meaning but because its original meaning has been lost in a sea of spiritual clichés. Yoga teachers, myself included, often invite students to let go of thoughts or worries. But how do we let go? If only it was that easy, right? […]


Meditate on That!

I’m a brand new yoga teacher. Newbie city. Being a beginner at anything, especially teaching, is challenging (to put it lightly), and I’ve been questioning my life choices and wondering how I’ll pay my looming bills, and if I’ll wind up in a garbage can. But as a yoga teacher it’s my duty to inspire […]

If You Can Have Love or a Clean House, Choose Love

Life is messy. Yet I spent most of my life trying to avoid the messy stuff. As a kid, I remember tip-toeing to avoid a dirty floor surface, my camp counselor looking at me curiously and laughing at my disgust over the wet, sandy floor. I grew up in a house with a mom who […]