I’m a Teacher and Counselor who guides you as you create meaningful change in your life.

I use the following Healing Practices in my work with you: Yoga, Ayurveda, Astrology, and Expressive Writing/Journaling.

Sign up for my New and Full Moon Weekly Yoga Online Classes, where we move, breathe, connect and gain wisdom into the Moon and her phases (as well as the Astrological Sign she currently resides in).

I specialize in Yoga/Meditative Movement for Emotional Balancing and Healing. Learn more:  4-Class Series for Depression and Emotional Balancing.

In healing work, my niche is releasing and moving on from stuff that keeps you stuck, including addictive relationships with unavailable people. Learn more: Get Unstuck (& Move on From Unavailable People) Course.

I also work with children, teaching Yoga and Mindfulness (i.e., tools for social/emotional regulation), and I work with parents who want to gain insight into their child’s personality (e.g., their learning and communication styles) using their Astrological Natal Chart (we need their: birth year, day, time, and place).

Here are some specifics about my Healing Practices:

  • I guide you in mindful and creative movement through a therapeutic lens, including breathing techniques and Kriyas for emotional balancing and mind/body realignment. Book a Yoga Session or Register for my Online Weekly Yoga Classes.
  • I offer holistic health and wellness consultations through an Ayurvedic perspective – the foundation of Ayurveda is aligning with your natural mind/body constitution(s) to determine the most supportive and appropriate diet (i.e., food is viewed as medicine) and daily practices (e.g., yoga, mindful exercise, and other daily rituals). In Ayurveda, there is no one size fits all and this ancient system helps us to feel good in our bodies again. Book a Free Ayurveda Consultation.
  • I glean insight from your Astrology Natal Chart to assist in uncovering what may be holding you back from moving forward and getting in line with your purpose and potential.
  • I look at Children’s Natal Charts to gain valuable insight, such as how a child learns and processes information best, or what she or he needs to feel safe and supported. Book an Astrology Session for you or your child.
  • I lean on Expressive/Creative writing or journaling for self-reflection and creating space between you and your emotional ‘stuff,’ so that you may see more clearly and connect to your higher mind, which enables you to hold a bigger perspective.

I often integrate more than one modality into a counseling session or class depending on your individual needs, intentions and goals.

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“I have woven a parachute out of everything broken.”

-William Stafford



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