Writing about my life (the experiences that have shaped me) has been both challenging and freeing. Through the Writing Process, we give our deepest emotions a voice and, as a result, can free stuck energy (emotional baggage) that holds us back from thriving in life. img_0632

Creative/Expressive Writing Offerings:

  • Online Writing Coaching

How it works: I offer feedback on your writing via email. This includes any form of Creative Nonfiction Writing (i.e., Personal Essay, Narrative Essay, as well as Application Essays, such as College/Program Application Essays). *Please note: this does not include Academic Essays unless the essay is for a Creative Writing Project.

$50 per 1-hour (includes my reading and responding time). You can begin by booking one hour, which will include questions about your goals for the piece so that we can put together a timeline/plan if needed.

  • Online Memoir Writing Forum

How it works: You submit your Work to the group (via an online Forum) on a designated date and receive feedback from me and the other group members (including what we loved about the piece and what didn’t flow/could use work/development to make your piece stronger). You will receive detail feedback from me as well as the opportunity to email me with additional questions as you are working on your piece.

  • Moved to Write Workshop 

What is it/How it works: This is a single Workshop that blends Yoga & Journal Writing. You will practice Yoga (the class level is based on students’ needs), then write/create (inspired by prompts or quotes), and share your writing if you would like to. This Class is perfect for getting the creative juices flowing.

  • Moved to Create Workshop

What is it/How it works: This Single Workshop has the the same format as the Moved to Write Workshop (above), but instead of writing you will create visions boards for manifesting Goals/Intentions and Dreams. *Poster or bulletin board and images or magazines (that resonate with you) needed. You can also do it online on Pinterest, if you prefer.

Please email me at Nicole@NicoleAthena.com for more information on any of the above Offerings.