For the love of god, will men on Bumble PLEASE stop asking: “How is/was your day/Tuesday/Wednesday. etc.?” How about this? My day just got a little worse because you are so painfully boring (or just lazy?) that you can’t think of anything to say besides, How was your day?  Just take a glance at the profile and, voila, there is a world full of conversation starters in there. If you truly cannot think of anything else to say consider taking a course in interpersonal skills. That is all.

Addendum: There is also a tendency on dating apps to scratch out the face of another person in the photo; while I understand the privacy concern, consider that the black e-marker haphazardly scribbled over a person’s face looks creepy. The better bet is to crop the photo (or I have seen emojjis in place of faces, which is cute and slightly less creepy). Just sayin’. 🙂