This is a 4-week Online Astrology Course to learn about your Natal Chart. 

You will learn the nuts and bolts of the Astrological Natal Chart (i.e., Signs, Planets, Houses, and Aspects). I will be using YOUR personal Charts to teach the course, so it will be informative and enlightening as you learn about the Natal Chart, in general, and your personal chart!

What is Included:

Four 1.5 hours online classes (via

Facebook Forum where you can ask me questions and communicate with others in the course.

2 Foundational Astrology Podcasts (on the 12 Signs, Houses, and the Planets) sent prior to the start of the course

Price: $183 

Dates: Tuesdays: May 28, June 4, 11, 18

Class Time: TBD *I will choose the time-frame based on the time that works for MOST participants; the classes are recorded if you can’t make the time.

Class Format: (classes will be recorded and emailed to you). You will have access to a Facebook Forum where we can all connect and you can ask me questions that come up.